You is all I want

“You’re running your fingers across my perfectly shaved legs. In a way of drawing. Maybe, marking your territory. Your each touch’s giving me goosebumps. Seems like, each of your fingertips wants to tell a story. A story that’s all yours. A story that you wanna share. But, somehow you can’t. A story that you want […]

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You’re My Everything

In the sky of stars, You’re my moon. In the world of lies, You’re my truth. In the time of darkness, You’re my light. In the era of lust, You’re my love. In the world of millions, You’re my one. In the life of sorrows, You’re my happiness. In the storm of life, You’re my […]

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And Oh, my dear Stranger! It feels like I have waited for you since forever. Waited for a mystery like You. Exploring You has always been my dream. Getting the essence of the incomplete Art that You are,has always been my fantasy. Who doesn’t like adventure? That too, an adventure like You? A journey so […]

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Blessed to have you

From the moment we met I know you’d become A lifelong friend, A special chum. The way that you listened Revealed that you cared And conveyed that you would Always be there. From that moment I knew, How blessed I was To have a friend like you. ~Dipang Ghosh

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“You know very well that I am not a person who comes up with cheesy catch-up lines every now and then to please you. Rather, I would prefer to call you “fatnosed-poop” and “dumb” (which you actually are) in a room full of strangers and see your “….” kind of expression. But, well. People need […]