Advent of Collegium

A book is a gift which you can open again and again. An anthology is a collective contribution of many writers coming together under the same umbrella to create something that will contribute to the world of literature. Every writers puts his/her earnest efforts to make it a success. “Advent of Collegium” Out now on […]

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Love in the bus

Today when I was travelling from delhi to Jaipur in a bus I heard someone calling the name “Nikita”. I have got reminded all the past memories connected to this name. This name strikes me in the hush and bush of the public as clearly as an archer can aim with the voice of the […]

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Hobby to Drug

Hobby to drug Talking to you is not hobby anymore… It has became a drug for me… Seeing you is not hobby anymore… It has become a drug for me… Fantasizing you is not hobby anymore… It has become a drug for me… I’m totally addicted to you… And you are my most precious drug […]

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Uska Nasha

Uski baaton se bhi nasha hota hai, Uske khayalon se bhi nasha hota hai, Uski nigahon se bhi nasha hota hai, Uski zulfon se bhi nasha hota hai, Usko dekhun to nasha hota hai, Uske pyar mein nasha hota hai, Uske husn mein nasha hota hai, Mohabbat bhi kaisi cheez hai, Usme bas nasha hi […]

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You are my very definition of desire. I have desired nothing More than you. Your eyes, your lips, Your smile, your laughs, Each and curve of yours. Each and every bit of yours Is too much seducing for me. And your most seductive curve Is the curve of your lips When you smile. ~Dipang Ghosh

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If I Get Lost

And, what if I get lost someday? I get lost and don’t come back. You’ll search for me frantically. Here, there, and everywhere. You won’t find me. I’ll be so near to you, yet so far. You will see me, but won’t be able to catch me. What if? Will you hate me for breaking […]

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500 Follows

Dear followers… It’s soo overwhelming and exciting to reach such a milestone of 500 follows in few months. It wouldn’t have been possible without the love and support of all the lovely followers and friends to kept inspiring me. And finally thanks to WordPress for providing such an amazing platform to create the blog. Keep […]

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Every Bit Of You

I sit alone observing you from a distance. The way you smile, The way you stand, The way winter gives you chills and you snug your hands in your pockets. The way your hair moves along with the wind, The way you look at things. I keep looking at you in your eyes, But when […]

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100 Follows…

Thank you so much to all of my followers and visitors for making this journey an enlightening one and fun for me. I literally could not have done this without you and I’m so happy to achieve such a goal…

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