A Letter from an Army Officer’s Wife

“It’s been a year that you haven’t come home.

Today was Ishaan’s first day in School. He nade a few friends there. And I was amazed to see that he was quite happy about it.
He did pretty well in his final Test of the Play School.
He says ‘Papa’ absolutely clearly now. And he misses you.
And, you know, I have started trying to teach him ‘Sare Jahan se Accha’ from now. And I must say, he is a quick learner. Has totaly got your traits. :’)

Mom’s health has detoriorated a bit.
Last week, I took her to the doctor. He has adviced her not to walk much. It can increase her knee pain, otherwise.
I try my best not to let her feel your absence in the house, Shubho.
And you know, I had made her favourite Bhindi Sabji yesterday. She said, “Perfect, Bahu!” And I asked, “Which one is perfect, Mummy ji? Baahu? Yaah Sabji?” She said, “Donoh.”
I wish you could hear it. After all these years, she haf complimented me, Shubho. :’)

Today is our 5th Marraige Anniversary.
Do you remember, Shubho? Yes, I know you do.
I am trying my best not to let people feel your absence.
I tell Ishaan stories about your journeys, about your bravery.
I always teach him to be honest, like you.
And, you know what?
He is as intelligent as you. He is just like you, Shubho. Just like you.
I miss you, Shubho.
I smell your shirts every night and that makes me cry. But, trust me, I don’t let Mom or Ishaan know about it.
I am strong, right?
It’s hard to carry out everything all alone.
It would have been a lot easier if you were here, with me.
People aren’t nice over here.
It’s always hard for a woman to live when her husband isn’t here.
But, I am proud of you, my boy. :’)
I’m proud to be the wife of an Army Officer.
You have taught me to handle everything on my own. It wouldn’t have been possible with you.
I love you, Shubho. Your Anna loves you.
Come home, jaldi jaldi.
We are all waiting. :’) “

~ Anushka Acharya


29 thoughts on “A Letter from an Army Officer’s Wife

  1. My dad was an officer in the Indian army who was posted in Kashmir all my life. My brother’s name is Ishaan. I imagined my mother writing this to my father. Brought back some good memories. Thank you 🙂

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  2. Those words touched me as I am a retired American soldier. The struggles of your family and mine, as military families, are quite the same despite being from different countries. God bless, and be proud of your family’s service and sacrifice to country.

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