“You know very well that I am not a person who comes up with cheesy catch-up lines every now and then to please you.
Rather, I would prefer to call you “fatnosed-poop” and “dumb” (which you actually are) in a room full of strangers and see your “….” kind of expression.

But, well.
People need to be appreciated.
And you are no exception.
You’re just unique because you have ME in your life.

I know that dealing with me is hard.
Putting up with me all day, every day is hard.
I know that I irritate you a hell lot.
Handling my mood swings, rather, my mood rollercosters is hell difficult, I know.
Be it any kind of problem:
Dad issues.
Boyfriend issues.
Last minute exam preparations.
Important notes.
Emotional brekadowns.
Health problems.
Or anything.
I have only one solution. And that’s YOU.
And, sometimes even I get surprised to see with what ease you helpe out each time. Each and every time, without even hesitating for once, you help me out from my crisis.
The way you don’t even think of judging me is something no one does.
The way you be happy when I tell you about my success is something I just see in my mother’s eyes.
And when I see tears in your eyes after I fail, the feeling is priceless.
Just when I think I cant carry on, you are there to motivate and find out thousands of reasons for why I should continue and not give up.

And, you know what’s the thing I have learnt from you?
Not giving up.
Because, even after tolerating me since so many days, you didn’t give up. That’s really amazing.

So, Bestfriend, You are One in a Million.
Just know one thing.
You are MY PERSON.
And, I can take a bullet for my people anyday, anytime.
You are my possession.
I love you.

Now please let me take some chicken nuggets from your part. Ugh.”

~Anushka Acharya



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