“You know very well that I am not a person who comes up with cheesy catch-up lines every now and then to please you. Rather, I would prefer to call you “fatnosed-poop” and “dumb” (which you actually are) in a room full of strangers and see your “….” kind of expression. But, well. People need […]


Wild flowers

We were wild flowers, Who carved our tombstones, Over decisions that weren’t really ours. We were wild flowers, Who walked to cementaries, Carrying baggages filled with regrets. We were wild flowers, Who lit our pages, Over the fire of lovers Who didn’t belong to us. We were wild flowers, Who bloomed back from Our own […]

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“All I ever want is You”

“I know it’s hard to believe, Because, this isn’t a life to live. Ever since you’ve gone, I’ve been left here, all alone. Everyday, I look up at the sky, For all I wanted was us to fly. And I knew that no matter how many times I fail, You’d always be there to boost […]

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We sail across the ocean of stars that spreads out before us. We gently watch over the shadows of birds on the ground. Carrying a pretty box stuffed with memories from days before, let’s travel the world. We each choose different destinations, searching for the trajectory that will change faint words into our future. Clutching […]

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I know that I have YOU

“You’re running your fingers across my perfectly shaved legs. In a way of drawing. Maybe, marking your territory. Your each touch’s giving me goosebumps. Seems like, each of your fingertips wants to tell a story. A story that’s all yours. A story that you wanna share. But, somehow you can’t. A story that you want […]

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