And Oh, my dear Stranger!
It feels like I have waited for you since forever. Waited for a mystery like You.
Exploring You has always been my dream.
Getting the essence of the incomplete Art that You are,has always been my fantasy.

Who doesn’t like adventure? That too, an adventure like You?
A journey so thrilling, a journey so much more exciting than the destination is what I have always craved for.

In every bend in the roads of your story, I promise to drive my car slow. So that I can breath the Art that’s there. The Art that you try to hide from every person you know. The Art that’s yours, completely.
In each stormy night of your story, I promise to sail my boat safe. So that I can smell the beauty of your royal Nothingness. The Nothingness that you’re afraid of. That Nothingness that shapes you this accurately.

For, I don’t intend to know who you are.
Instead, I want to know how Winter touches your Soul and how Spring brings back Life to your bones.
Instead, I want to know if the Bonfire gives rise to a spark in your blood, is a Forest Fire needed to do the same.
For, I want to explore you.

So, my Stranger.
Look at me.
Make eye contact.
Let me see the cracks in your soul.
Ask for a hug.
Show me your favourite Painting.
Read out a paragraph from your favourite Poem.
Sing your favourite Song.
Tell me your story.

For, I want to find peace in your consummate Incompleteness.
And, I don’t believe that talking is the only way of communicating.
Silence does speak too.
And, this Stranger sitting opposite to you knows the language of Silence.

~ Anushka Acharya


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