I know that I have YOU

“You’re running your fingers across my perfectly shaved legs.
In a way of drawing. Maybe, marking your territory.
Your each touch’s giving me goosebumps.
Seems like, each of your fingertips wants to tell a story.
A story that’s all yours.
A story that you wanna share. But, somehow you can’t.
A story that you want me to figure with each of the movement of your fingers on my skin.

Your fingers move up to my belly.
Each movement of your fingers is getting entwined up with each of my strechmarks.
Seems like, you wanna narrate your thoughts.
Thoughts that say that you want me.
Thoughts that you wanna convey. But somehow you can’t.
Thoughts that you want me to know from that spark of your eyes that gives an unknown warmth to my skin.

You bend down to kiss me.
Your lips brushing against mine, softly.
Not wanting to wet my lips, yet wanting to taste them.
Seems like, you wanna let me to know exactly how you feel.
Feelings that echo in my soul.
Feelings that you wanna show. But, somehow you can’t.
Feelings that you want me to know from those soft touches of your lips that gives rise to an electric spark in my body.

And with each touch, I know that you’re mine. All mine.
I know that I have you.
Now, Then and Forever.”

~ Anushka Acharya


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