Love in the bus

Today when I was travelling from delhi to Jaipur in a bus I heard someone calling the name “Nikita”.

I have got reminded all the past memories connected to this name. This name strikes me in the hush and bush of the public as clearly as an archer can aim with the voice of the bell easily. Nikita is my childhood friend, my schoolmate and somewhere it very that she is my crush in school days.

I clearly remember the moment when I first time met her in the school bus. I was sitting in our school bus getting ready to arrive for home as the bus is just going to start she entered in the bus when i saw her got freeze and jst staring at her face she was as sweet as a sugar cube as pretty as a heaven short heightened and a little chubby too suddenly when I come back from my thoughts I realised tht she was jst standing infront of my eyes asking for the window seat and I without a single thought allowed her to sit at window side with me.

In the next day at her stop she enters in the bus and again came to sit with me tht was the day when I had a small talk with her. She was in a commerce section, with the passing days we also becoming good friends and came very close to eachother, now I have got my bus partner and she has got someone to whom she can tell all her gossips without fear and truly I never get her words ’cause when I see her face I always gone in my own thoughts.

The time which use to spend with her is now becoming my most happy time sometimes we share earphone and listens music, sometimes we play thumb fight and sometimes she use to sing with her own which is not tolerable ’cause she sings terrible. After some days I realised that I like her more than a friend and I jst want to be with her only in the future so I decided to tell her all of my feeling any her and I tried many time but always got failed to tell.

On the farewell party I decided that this is my last chance so I have to tell her anyone how, in the meanwhile I have the chance to tell her I took her upstairs where I can tell her in silence as I said that I want day something she also repeated the same so I convinced her to tell her thing first and she said that in this wonderfull one year we came so close to eachother and I even started liking u but we can’t be together Coz my ambition and my dreams are very and they doesn’t allow me to get stuck in one place only I can’t do this and I have go from your life sorry¡¡ as she was walking away from me I m not in my sense that what was happen with me now meanwhile she turned to me and said ‘we will always be good friend and let’s hope we meet in future’ and walked away from there, as I am flowing in my past thoughts the brakes of the bus took me out from there I smiled and exits from the bus.
The end……

“True love doesn’t mean to achieve its just the feeling of care and respect for somebody else’s happiness” .

~Shubham Sharma

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